Our Services

Organizations across all industries must strive to fully leverage technology for performance improvement. But technology on its own does not improve performance. Information technologies, work processes and organizational structures must be well-aligned and fully supportive of one another to achieve optimal performance.

SGCO is dedicated to helping clients align their organizations for maximum performance. We design and implement technology solutions to address each client’s unique needs, ensuring that solutions are in line with organizational structure. Working in concert, our three consulting practices align people, processes and technology with the strategic goals of client organizations and the value expectations of the communities they serve.

Stirling & Young can provide businesses with either a complete outsourcing solution or we will work closely with existing organizational staff. Through augmenting and training internal skill sets we meet established business goals and objectives.


Information Management Solutions:

  • Evaluating enterprise content to increase business value.
  • Strategic consulting & Project management
  • Enterprise Information Management Solutions
  • System Integration
  • Custom Application Development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • System Maintenance & Continuing Analysis
  • Internet Marketing & Promotion
  • Managed Learning Environments
  • Visual Design


  • Internet working Technologies
  • High Speed Technologies
  • TCP IP Internetwork Management
  • Multilayer Switch Networks
  • Remote Access Networks
  • Internetwork Troubleshooting
  • Internetwork Design
  • Building Scalable Networks
  • Interconnect Network Devices
  • Multilayer Switch Networks
  • Advanced Firewall Configuration