SGCO has been a leader in the OpenVMS field for over 15 years as a business solutions provider and is also the developer of the new OpenVMS RMS API which is the first ever API designed to give your applications direct access to your RMS data files in real time.

OpenVMS, Tru64/Digital UNIX cloud hosting (VAX, Alpha and Itanium)

OpenVMS Cloud Hosting on real hardware.

Now your legacy OpenVMS system and your data can be safely backed up on genuine OpenVMS servers in the cloud.

No emulation, no downgrades necessary.

Our cloud services are perfect for native backup storage, full Operating System backup as well as application clustering backups and even real time failover clustering over TCP/IP or VPN DECNet. Backups can be scheduled in batch, incremental or real time.

There's no need to downgrade your system or adapt to cumbersome emulation systems. We host your backup data or your entire system on servers native to your existing Operating System.

No longer do you need to worry about end Of Life (EOL) hardware.

We support all flavors of OpenVMS including VAX, Alpha, Integrity and even HPUX/Tru64.

We maintain our hardware to put your specifications saving you time and costly upgrades and/or system expansions.

Relax! you've got this!

With SGCO's Legacy Hosting Service, you can rest easier knowing your system is always functional, your data is safe, and you have no more hardware concerns. We just may be the Business Continuity / Risk Mitigation Solution you've been searching for. We can also assist you in preparing a Business Continuity Plan for your business. OurLegacy Cloud Hosting program offers multiple tiers of service to ensure you have the perfect package to it fit your needs. Contact us today for pricing information.


  • Tier 1 - Standard backup
  • Tier 2 - Business Co-location services: We will adjust hardware, bandwidth and power to your specifications
  • Tier 3 - Custom Package: Tell us your needs for a quote.

Mission critical real time functional systems clustering and offsite failover and backup.

The Facility

  • - Secured Area
  • - Scalable Bandwidth
  • - Available Technical
  • - Support
  • - 24/7 Access Availability
  • - Redundant IP Service
  • - Backup Power
  • - Dual Air Conditioning
  • - 24/7 Networking Monitoring

Co-location Services

Server collocation is an option for most companies to consider when the need for a secure location is needed. The advantage of co-location is that your server is kept in high-grade facility, and that it is connected into an OC-12 high-speed network. Overall, this solution saves large business the cost of direct hardware maintenance, physical security and high-speed network connection.

Your decision as to whether you want to co-locate your server or try another option comes down to resources. If your in-house technicians are fully capable and costs are not prohibitive, then co-location could be your best option. Let us take the hassle out of making sure that you have sufficient bandwidth, power, and a secured environment in our co-location facility.

  • - Daily data backup storage on source OS
  • - Incremental data backup storage on source OS
  • - Daily complete backup storage on source OS
  • - Real time clustering backup source OS
  • - Fully functional real time clustering source OS

Not an emulation. All solutions use fully functional hardware-based computers.

Location, location, Location

When Apple sought the perfect location to build their 1.3 million square foot data center and when Google planned their new $1 billion dollar data center, they both chose the Mesa Arizona area as the absolute best location. With immediate access to volumes of bandwidth, temperate climate and superior location, Mesa has become THE location for companies to process and store data safely and dependably.

Data Center

SGCO has partnered with the Mesa Data Center to provide our clients with unparalleled hosting / co-location hosting services. Through its subsidiaries, the Mesa Data Center has been in the hosting and server colocation business in Arizona area for well over 15 years We have the availability and capacity for full racks or just a single server. When you host your server(s) in our Mesa Data Center you will enjoy many benefits not available from our competitors, such as:

  • - Experienced Technical Support Team
  • - Secure 24-Hour Key-card Access with a Restroom
  • - 24 x 7 Server Monitoring
  • - No Minimum Amount of Rackspace Purchase

  • - Both Small and Large Business Friendly
  • - Convenient East Valley Location
  • - Flexibility instead of Rigid Guidelines
  • - Backup Power Generator
  • - ADA Compliant Facility
Collocation Services

Server collocation is frequently the best option for companies to consider when the need for a secure location is paramount. The advantage of collocation is that your server is kept in a high-grade, professionally maintained facility provided by SGCO. The facility is directly connected into an OC-12 high-speed network. Overall, the co-location solution saves large businesses the cost of direct hardware maintenance, physical security, and high-speed network connections.

The facility
  • - Secured Area
  • - Scalable Bandwidth
  • - Available Technical Support
  • - 24/7 Access Availability
  • - Redundant IP Service
  • - Backup Power
  • - Dual Air Conditioning
  • - 24/7 Network Monitoring
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