Innovative Integration Services - Proven Outcomes

SGCO has a record consisting of over 10 years of successful systems integration projects using open source tools.

There is no single product to solve systems integration challenges, even within the same enterprise product line. Many solutions providers act as integration service partners for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc. This type of solutions provider is generally a reseller of the parent companies integration product. Often their proposed solution will require you to change your business processes to fit their product. This results in less than optimal business processes so that you can use their solution as well as ongoing licensing and maintenance fees for that less than optimal integration solution.

SGCO focuses on solving the systems integration challenge using solutions and tools that are the most appropriate to each problem. While we are not resellers for, or partners with, Oracle, SAP, or Microsoft we do offer extensive experience optimizing existing installations and integrating custom solutions to work with products from these manufacturers. Our objectivity and technical abilities enable us to focus on the integration solution that is the best for the customer and that will be 100% transparent to the current business processes.

When our integration solution is investigated as an alternative to enterprise conversions or expensive integration service projects it is often chosen as a replacement saving months or years of time and many thousands of dollars.

Our most recent successful integration services projects using open source tools include:

  • - ShoreTel VOIP to VAX mainframe to allow customer self service. (VOIP VAX integration services)
  • - E-commerce site to Oracle E-business suite (No iStore).
  • - PHP website to VMS automotive leasing application to allow customer self service lease payments.
  • - Application to update compliance objects in Oracle ERP. (Oracle integration services)
  • - Application to update compliance objects in SAP ERP. (SAP integration services)

If you're considering replacing your entire enterprise to give you access to current technologies and features or integrating systems that have no existing integration path we would like to talk to you and give you our assessment as to whether our approach would work for you.

  • - E-commerce
  • - Integrate Online marketing processes
  • - Portals
  • - Enterprise Integration, SAP Integration, Oracle Integration
  • - Application development services for Cloud based services
  • - Mobile solutions
  • - Procurement solutions
  • - Custom Middleware Applications
  • - Data and Network Security services
  • - Risk and Compliance mitigation
  • - PCI Compliance
  • - Interactive Solutions